Travel Clinic Cambridge

Offering Travel Vaccinations

At Cambridge Medical Centre we can help you with a range of travel vaccinations and medical information around travelling.

Dr David Smylie

Our travel doctors Dr David Smylie and Dr Mark Taylor have post-graduate qualifications in travel medicine and are members of the NZ Society of Travel Medicine. Cambridge Medical Centre is also a certified Yellow Fever vaccination provider for those patients who may be travelling to Africa or South America.

Dr Mark Taylor

Travel Questionnaire

You will need to complete our travel questionnaire and return it to us prior to booking your consult with the travel doctor.  Once your travel questionnaire has been received we will proceed with booking your travel consultation.  This is so the travel doctor can review your travel plans and customize the consult to the destinations you are travelling to. 

As some vaccinations require a course to be given over a period it is best that you book your travel consult a couple of months prior to leaving on your trip.

Our Nurses aim to administer your travel vaccinations on the same day as your travel consult, however if you require a specialist travel vaccine we may have to order this in and rebook you once the vaccine has arrived. Please allow at least an additional 30 minutes for your vaccine appointment as you will need to wait 20 minutes post vaccination.

Complete a travel questionnaire at Cambridge Medical Centre

Travel Clinic Cambridge

Travel Medicine is a specialist clinic so please ensure you:

  • Complete our travel questionnaire prior to seeing the travel doctor
  • Book in with one of our qualified travel doctors
  • Allow enough time before your trip to complete your consult and course of vaccines

Fees will vary depending on the number of travellers in your family and the vaccinations you require – please enquire with our administration team when booking your consult.

Unsure which travel vaccination is right for you?

The following websites have some useful information for your travels:

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P: 07 827 7184

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