Surgery at Cambridge Medical Centre

The doctors at Cambridge Medical Centre are skilled in a variety of surgical procedures including the removal of moles and skin lesions, skin grafts, vasectomies, and circumcisions.

Cambridge Medical Centre offer minor surgical procedures including mole or skin legion removal and circumcisions and vasectomies
Mole removals, skin cancer excisions. Surgical procedures at Cambridge Medical Centre

Skin Conditions

Surgical procedures such as mole removal and skin cancer excisions are performed at Cambridge Medical Centre in our surgical room.  A consult with the GP is required prior to all surgeries and a consent form must be completed.  We also accept referrals from other GP practices and work closely with the Waikato DHB specialist team.

Circumcisions and Vasectomies

Circumcisions, vasectomy and other urology procedures, are carried out by Dr Fayez Khalil in our Medical Centre. If you are interested in these services, please ring to make an appointment with Dr Khalil to discuss this.

Circumcisions and vasectomies at Cambridge Medical Centre

Other Surgical Procedures

If you have a surgical need, please discuss this with one of our GP’s who will be happy to see if we can offer this at Cambridge Medical Centre.

Surgery Fees

Your GP will discuss with you the cost of your surgical procedure and the payment options available to you which may include:

  • Your insurance company paying all or part of the surgery
  • You paying the fee yourself in full or as a payment plan
  • Funding from the DHB if you fit the eligibility criteria

48 Alpha Street
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P: 07 827 7184

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