Clinical Pharmacist at Cambridge Medical Centre

At Cambridge Medical Centre we have a Clinical Pharmacist who is a specialist in medicines and medicines optimisation. They can work directly with you as part of our GP team to review your medications, provide education and liaise with other health providers, such as community pharmacists, to answer queries about your medicines.

Clinical Pharmacist Services

At Cambridge Medical our Clinical Pharmacist offers a range of services including:

  • Medicine reviews in consultation with your GP

  • Education about how your medicines work and why they have been prescribed

  • Providing information about potential drug interactions and/or side effects of medications

  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) clinics

  • 'Ask your Pharmacist' clinics

  • Enabling smooth transitions of care from hospital to home

Immunisations at Cambridge Medical Centre

Ask Your Pharmacist

Do you have a question for a Pharmacist but don't require a full medication review? 

Do you want to know if Blister Packs are right for you or someone you care for? 

Would you like to have your inhaler technique checked?

Our Clinical Pharmacist has a walk-in clinic available for brief, medication-related queries

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Management

Do you experience high blood pressure and want to manage it better?

Our Clinical Pharmacist can work with you to recommend lifestyle changes along with discussing blood pressure medications that can help improve your blood pressure and overall health.

Cervical screening at Cambridge Medical Centre
Travel vaccinations at Cambridge Medical Centre

Transition of Care

Have you or someone you care for recently been discharged from hospital with changes to medications? 

Our Clinical Pharmacist can go through your medications with you, explain any changes and reconcile any discrepancies, in partnership with your GP, which may have occurred. 

Our Clinical Pharmacist is available for 30-minute consultations to review your current medications.

The aim of these reviews are to discuss your healthcare goals, optimise your medications, increase your knowledge and understanding, and to find ways to make taking your medications (and remembering to take them) easier if required.

If you want to know more about your medications and what they do for you

Cervical screening at Cambridge Medical Centre

Book an appointment

To see our Clinical Pharmacist you will need to book an appointment. This appointment will be held in a private consultation room. Our Clinical Pharmacist will advise on medicines but will not give you these medicines, you will need to collect these from your pharmacists.

48 Alpha Street
PO Box 125, Cambridge 3434

P: 07 827 7184

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