Covid Management and Support

Patient Screening - from November 2023

We acknowledge that the Government has made the decision to remove the remaining Covid restrictions of isolation and mask wearing.  However Te Whatu Ora recommends that symptomatic patients continue to wear masks within healthcare settings and test to determine whether they have Covid or not.  

Cambridge Medical Centre will continue to screen patients for cold and flu like symptoms.  We strongly encourage patients to do a RAT to determine if they are Covid positive as this helps our clinical staff to triage patients appropriately and determine the best course of treatment.

We will continue to manage symptomatic patients through virtual consults (phone or video).  Please be rest assured that we will see patients face to face if a doctor determines it is clinically appropriate to do so even if you have tested positive for Covid.

If you are offered a face to face appointment and you are symptomatic you will be required to wear a mask while at Cambridge Medical Centre.  If you have a health condition that prevents you from wearing a mask please communicate this with our team.

Please respect our policy regarding masks and testing as we continue to work together to keep both our staff and patients as safe as possible.

Covid Vaccinations at Cambridge Medical Centre

Cambridge Medical Centre are no longer offering booster COVID vaccinations.

Please contact Book My Vaccine for all other COVID vaccination and booster bookings.  

Covid vaccination clinic at Cambridge Medical Centre. Covid Testing & Vaccinations Cambridge

Our COVID vaccination clinics are now closed

For Vaccine Bookings

You can book your vaccine through the COVID Vaccination Healthline on 0800 28 29 26 or on the National Booking System

Don't forget to keep in touch with friends, family and neighbours during this difficult time

Be kind and stay safe

Mask wearing

Mask wearing is still an important part of protection against covid and is encouraged whilst at Cambridge Medical Centre.  We continue to do regular health and safety assessments to determine risk for staff and patients and how best to manage this.  We want everyone to feel protected and therefore we continue to screen all patients for symptoms and manage any symptomatic patients virtually to reduce the risk of spreading covid and other illnesses.

We have a large waiting room which enables patients to spread out and not have to sit close to other patients.  You are encouraged to wear a mask if you choose to and we can provide one for you if you forget to bring your own.

Please note that if you have symptoms and have been asked to attend Cambridge Medical Centre for a face to face appointment you will be required to wear a mask.

Cambridge Medical Centre, 48 Alpha Street, Cambridge
Cambridge Medical Centre

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